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Ana Fajardo

Wealth Manager

About Me

Ana Fajardo is one of Miami’s most accomplished and regarded financial experts. As a Wealth Manager and Senior Retirement expert with ValuTeachers, she assists the daily heroes that educate our students to retire with financial peace of mind. In her wealth practice, she also enables companies and people of all backgrounds to prepare for what lies ahead.

An entrepreneur of 22 years, Ana is also the CEO and managing partner of Wealth Companies. Wealth Companies provides financial planning and real estate services for both residential and commercial properties in the Miami metro region, including Ft. Lauderdale. Wealth Companies, under the guidance of Ana, has a solid track record with both personal clientele and in team development. The ten-year anniversary of Wealth Companies in December 2022 is an exciting milestone for a successful firm.

Ana obtained her bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University. A major in Business Administration and Marketing, her combination of academics and experience has had a tremendous influence on the lives of her customers. As retirement now costs more than ever, Ana believes her profession to be that of both a servant to both her customers and those she leads. Helping customers reduce the burden of financial planning for what will be the finest years of their life, is Ana’s notion of success.

In Ana’s professional practice, she begins with learning before anything else. Ana and her business partner Rafael devised a financial literacy program to boost essential financial understanding for high school seniors, teachers, parents, and other community groups. Wealth Learning is a recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public benefit company. Its purpose is to give financial education throughout America, to high schools, and to community groups.

Ana has recruited retired teachers, financial advisers, insurance specialists, real estate experts, lawyers, and individuals from many other industries to educate others. A deficit of financial literacy taught in schools actually gave a calling for Ana to assist high school students prepare for life in a financially complicated environment. Presentations have been made at Miami Dade County Schools, Broward County Schools, Palm Beach County Schools, schools in the Houston Independent School District, and in important firms and organizations throughout the United States.

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